Liver Tumor Treatment

What is Liver Tumor Treatment?

The treatment for liver tumor depends in the stage of the condition. The main treatment for early liver tumor is surgery. Liver tumor treatment includes:

    • Surgical Resection

If damage the liver is minimal and the cancer is contained in a small part of liver, it may be possible to remove the tumor during surgery. This procedure is known as surgical resection.

Liver resection is complicated surgery and can have a considerable impact on the body. There is a one in four chance of complications after surgery. There are several complication of liver resection such as infection at the site of the surgery, bleeding after surgery, blood clots that develop in legs, bile leaking from the liver, jaundice and liver failure.

    • Liver Transplant

If the size of tumor less than 5 cm in diameter, transplant is suitable. Other than that, if the size of tumor is larger than 5 cm, transplant will be of no benefit. The advantage of using living donor liver transplant can plan the procedures that the person receiving the transplant can plan the procedure with their medical team and relative. But still have the bad effect such as higher complication rates.

    • Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) may be recommended as an alternative to surgery to treat liver tumor at an early stage, ideally when the tumor are smaller than 5 cm in diameter. RFA can also be used to treat tumor larger than this but the treatment may need to be repeated in such cases. Other than that, RFA usually involves heating the tumor with an electric current produced by small, needle-like electrodes. This heat kills the cancer cells and causes the tumor shrink. The RFA can be carried out where the needles are passed through the skin, during surgery which the needles are inserted through small incision in abdomen and during open surgery which the needles are inserted through a single large incision made in abdomen.

    • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the powerful tumor-killing medication to slow the spread of tumor cancer. A type of chemotherapy called transcatheter arterial chemoembolisation(TACE) is usually recommended to treat cases of stage B and C liver cancer. TACE may also be used to help prevent tumor spreading out of the liver in people waiting for a liver disease worse. TACE uses a combination of two techniques that are chemotherapy medications are injected directly into liver and gel or small plastic beads are injected into the blood vessels supplying the tumor with blood; this should help slow down the speed at which the tumor growth.

    • Alcohol injection

Alcohol injection treatment are used if only have a few small tumor. This involves using needles that passed through the skin to inject alcohol into the tumor cells. This dehydrates the cells and stops their blood supply. In some cases, this is carried out under a local anesthetic which the patient will be awake, but the affected area is numbed so there are not feel pain.



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